Customized uniform metal accessories selection considerations

Washing of the metal buckle and zipper, soaping fastness: soaping of the metal buttons and zipper tape is an important indicator. Usually fastener tape is made of 100% polyester weaving, using high-temperature disperse dye. Fade dyed product of a single fiber or fabric caused by the degree of staining. Soaping fastness is good or bad depends on two aspects: First, the fiber between itself and the dye molecular size of the interaction force, the force is large dye molecules are difficult to be soaping the fiber surface, force small and vice versa; the second is dyeing and finishing process, the residual amount of fiber surface layer of dye molecules, if, after a more thorough treatment, the surface layer of dye remaining amount will be minimal, it is difficult to make soap fastener tape fade. Wear fastness: Perspiration is associated with the sun occurred. Therefore, talking about here is not a single light fastness, which includes the sun and perspiration fastness double. Varying degrees of sun exposure can lead to a series of photochemical reactions induce structural damage dye itself, leading to discoloration and fading. At the same time the presence of sweat will make render the pH weakly acidic or alkaline, it will also significantly reduce the number of light fastness disperse dyes. Therefore, such a composite effect with a simple light fastness or perspiration fastness is very different.