Korean wool hat knitting method

Korean wool hat knitting method of wool, crochet Steps / methods first with a green line from the 120-pin (in accordance with the line thickness) large single rib needle 1 inch (10 lines) and then red wool woven 7 line under the needle, line 8 4 1 under the needle on the needle 3 needle in cycles. 7 line under the needle and then weaving line 16 a needle on the needle 7 successively weave finish. weave line 32 (not a single rib) stitches.

  Roof fall pattern. Green petals first line hook hook 8-pin lock pin connected into a circle, then the circle hook Cong 24-pin long needle synthetic circle. Then hook a short needle 1 long needle needle needle.

Then 3-pin lock pin in the hook 3-pin long needle 1 long needle 1 short needle to complete a petal hook eight petals intermediate shaft from 8 hook, line 6 short needle stitches into a circle by petal middle seam in roof collapse .

White wool hook needle pit pellets sewn hat pin marked place.