Apron Fabric According To The Material To Be Classified

In general, for the apron fabric according to its material to be classified, we can not only be divided into natural fiber material, chemical fiber material, man-made fiber material and synthetic fiber material. Here to talk about these specific characteristics of what kind of fiber.

For natural fibers, it is a natural through the textile material, according to its material category, we can be divided into four categories of cotton and linen wool.

For chemical fibers, this is what we often meet. That is, we often say that the dragon, in general, is divided into man-made and according to a certain proportion of blended natural material. In the category of the main note is divided into seven categories. Followed by polyester, cotton, acrylic, vinylon, vinegar, spandex, glue these several.

For man-made fibers, this refers to the raw material through the natural polymer as a textile, and then through a certain processing means, the last spinning out of the fiber, this fiber is similar to plastic and so on.

Finally, the apron fabric is often used in synthetic fibers, which is the use of oil, coal and some agricultural and sideline products as textile raw materials, and finally through the synthesis of high polymer spinning fiber. That is, we often say that the chemical fiber clothes, is this fabric.

Rubber apron, also known as the work apron, anti-chemical apron, insulation apron, for electronics, bio-medicine, chemical, printing and dyeing, electroplating, a single plastic, double glue a variety of specifications to pure natural rubber, cotton as the substrate, Alkaline operation abdominal protection supplies. The aprons on the market are divided into six categories: non-woven aprons Nonwovens are nonwovens, which are used directly from high polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through various web forming methods and consolidation techniques With a soft, breathable and planar structure of the new fiber products. More economical, firm, environmentally friendly. It is a new type of environmentally friendly recycled fabrics, the yarn is from the abandoned mineral water bottles and Coke bottles made of, and commonly known as Coke bottle environmental protection cloth (RPET fabric). Recycle PET fabric Recycled Coke Bottle Recycled Recycled Recycled Fibers, Recycled Coke Bottle is cut into pieces and processed by spinning. It can be recycled and effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions, saving more than conventional process. 80% of the energy. Cotton apron is generally more soft, anti-sensitive, easy to clean, not easy hair ball, especially health. Satin aprons generally made of waterproof silk, the apron for kitchen operations, cleaning, the sticky dirt easily removed, easy to use, easy to clean a variety of oil. Canvas apron wear resistant dirt, but also waterproof. Apron style editor half-length apron, like a skirt that only around the lower body.