Apron FAQ Answer

1. What is monochrome / two-color printing?

A: Monochrome refers to the apron background is not, your advertising content for a color such as printing black or printing red, and no gradual color, so as to manually screen printing, large or multi-color printing, we can choose for you On the machine printing

2. I would like to customize the advertising, how many can be set?

A: custom your shop name logo and other advertising content, free to your design, set from the number of unlimited;

3. I want to print ads, how to calculate the price?

A: Our custom apron more than 100, printing does not charge the version of the cost, and follow-up custom, printing the same content has a discount;

4. How long will custom ad production take?

A: normal we are 5-6 days, expedited a single 3-4 days of shipping (special circumstances can enjoy the system), order season for 7 days, a variety of color printing time delay.

5. Our scope of supply?

A: Our products all mainland China home (Tibet, Xinjiang and other places depending on the situation may be)

6. Can I return a custom ad?

A: Since the custom advertising products can not be secondary sales, in the absence of product quality under the premise, we do not accept the return of the Oh. If there are dissatisfaction, the factory support with the modified.