Baseball Cap Hat To Teach You To Avoid Weaknesses

After countless times after the spring failed

Aunt I finally felt the call of spring

Many little fairies say the message, ready to dress up full of spring to spring

at this time

Rely on what accessories can increase the sense of vitality, and do not seem to decorate it

That is, we all know the baseball cap

1, cap type

Different cap type, the effect of the modification of the face is completely different. It is because few people in real life have a perfect supermodel face, so we have to know how to fully use the different cap-type magic, avoid weaknesses.

Curvature of the eaves

Almost all the stars will choose the curvature of this hat is very obvious, and the hat is relatively narrow baseball cap. The prerequisite is that their face is small enough, and the original palm of the face in the baseball cap under the modification is even more exquisite.

Need to be reminded that the greater the curvature of the hat, the higher the requirements on the face, so be careful to choose Oh!

Horizontal hat

The brim is more spacious, the lines are more straight, this cap type is more suitable for people, especially after staying up late after the state is not good, a wide eaves baseball cap can make swollen face looks a lot of three-dimensional.

Diane Faye Wong was once the best spokesman for the flat eaves baseball cap.

Cara is well known for the face of the tough supermodel representative, but the large hat + shawl hair success for her to cover the 1/3 face.

If the hat erected a little up, then more suitable for lazy holiday style.

2, material

Although the baseball cap, but the different materials, the effect is very different, in addition to the traditional washed cotton material, leather, corduroy fabric baseball cap more eye-catching.

Washed cotton

Watermaking cotton material makes the most classic baseball cap fabric, not only to create a vibrant travel feel, or classic British wind artifact.

Black washed cotton baseball cap is undoubtedly the classic in the classic, no matter what kind of dress with the shape, will not go wrong.

Checkered, high-necked sweater, skateboarding are all the classic elements of the British campus wind, coupled with a red baseball cap, finishing touch.