Children Hat Knitting Method Illustrated

Here we give this child hat knitting tutorial offer ~~~~

Style is slightly different, but the knitting method similar to oh ~~~

Material preparation: hirsute line (the general election 12 shares of yarn), probably twenty-two enough. 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm knitting all four.

Knitting Step 1: Starting with 3.5 of 78 true knitting, weaving single thread line 8, line 9 uniformly applied to the 102-pin, ready to weave pattern.

Step 2: 5.5 mm Knitting pattern, 17-pin a flower pattern, a total of six. Wherein the positive pin 16 (ed twist), purl 1. Here are maps, we can refer to,

Step 3: knit 11 rows of time to start the first twist twist, a group of every 8-pin, (refer to diagram). Note that the direction of twist, there is a change in Kazakhstan. As shown below 

Step 4: Start the threads woven into the second row 21 cannabis while purl pattern among lose, here to pay attention to the direction of twist and different from last time. as the picture shows 

Step 5: knit to last 4, line 26, when really, the first not woven, with the right side of this 4-pin 4-pin cross (four-pin on) for the next row twist woven ready.

Step 6: line 27 third twist twist, but this time, not all need to tighten the needle. 8-pin screwed positive pin 8-pin, 8-pin and then screw (note on the pillow before and after each one 4-pin, we need and the adjacent cross on the 4-pin).