How To Match The Right Hat

Brim with color to match your skin tone

If you love the kind with round brim hat, remember to pay attention to the brim with color to match your skin tone. Monet Mazur wool small hat on with a very perfect, very natural brown, and her skin color, hair color, and clothing colors are harmonized, so that no facial capture the focus of attention, but became very good against the background accessories.

Wearing a hat patterned

A patterned hat male models are very cute with a choice, like Trier ratio hat (Trilby Hut), black trousers make you look longer monotonous.

Attempt a rescue package dress hat

Hat's role is to make a more complete set of dress, and for a confusing mix of dress it is definitely back to the days uncounted, a strange hat will only deepen a strange strange dress sense.

Let your hat jeans dress better

Want to make your jeans wear look better? Let hat to join in, but not all hats can be done. Learn about Christina Applegate, she chose a tweed hat and layers of tops (shirts, vests, and jackets) together with a pair of jeans.