How To Select A Certain Suit His Hat

Second, you must choose according to their body to hats. Tall man hat should be big not small, or to the head light foot heavy feeling. Body short people are linked or image reversed. Tall Tall women should not wear hats, otherwise gives the impression that "and" long high. Miss sawed not wearing a wide-brimmed flat-topped hat will look tall shorter. Wearing a hat and wearing the same clothes, to try to avoid weaknesses, even if he wore a satisfied, but also to make people read decency. Hat form and color must clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes and other facilities. Ladies wear glasses, do not wear a hat with complex floral top, not the hat over his forehead, hat should be higher, this will show you the cool grace and elegance.

Man hat size is a number that is the number of a few centimeters around the finger, so the purchase is very convenient. But considering some hat washed to shrink, so the purchase should be slightly larger. General adult male cap number is 55-56, 50-55 bonnet, baby cap is 42-46. Adult millinery, caps and sports caps only points 1-3 three. Knit cap, regardless of size, it can stretch to cope with some weight - grams calculated.