Outdoor Travel Sun Hat To Buy Details

Summer outdoor travel, strong ultraviolet light, accidentally have tan into "black" at risk. In the still "white" for the United States now, it is necessary to pay attention to the sun. In addition to cast a lot of money on the sunscreen, an outdoor hat is also a good choice. In fact, the sun hat is generally easier to overlook one of the outdoor travel equipment, we often think that just wear a sun hat can be. In fact, the sun hat is small, but the middle of learning a lot. Wear on, all aspects of extra points; wrong, not only not talk about beauty, may also suffer suffering. So, how can we choose a really suitable for their own outdoor sun hat?

Focus on functionality and materials

From the material points, outdoor caps can be divided into ordinary type, waterproof and waterproof breathable type. Ordinary type, as the name suggests is the most common sun hat, outdoor environment is not very bad weather in the case of wear, can focus on its aesthetic and decorative, so that their own do not have. Waterproof type, this sun hat breathable type almost, but wins in the wind and rain, suitable for relatively high demand ALICE. Waterproof and breathable type is a high-level varieties, common GORE-TEX materials, they are more than 3,000 meters above sea level travel necessities, like to Tibet, Yunnan and other high-altitude attractions, with a GORE-TEX sun hat , Of course, is the best choice. In the case of

According to the functional division, generally suitable for summer outdoor activities of the sun hat, one must have sunscreen anti-ultraviolet function, the second is quick drying breathable cool material, so even if the sweat of the environment, still able to keep dry cool, this is Outdoor sun hat must have the characteristics. Different outdoor activities have a different sun hat, such as jungle activities may need to have branches, insects jungle hat, fishing can be a big hat along the fisherman hat, and the general mountain climbing is a baseball cap and cap ... ... Choose a sun hat based on personal shape

In terms of individual choice for outdoor sun hat, the need to consider the aspects should be more targeted. In the case of

First of all, according to the face to choose the appropriate sun hat. People's face is mainly square (national face), round (round face) and sharp (sharp face) three. Round face wearing a dome-style sun hat, it looks big face, sun hat small, wearing a large duck tongue section is more appropriate. Sharp face wearing a duck tongue on the face of the big face on the big, even more thin. Therefore, wearing a dome cap is more appropriate. Guo Zi face people wearing all the sun hat are more appropriate. In the case of

Second, according to their own body to choose the sun hat. Height of the sun hat should be large should not be small, or give the head light heavy feeling. The person who is short is the opposite. Tall people should not wear high tube cap, or give the impression that "and" grow taller. Short stature people should not wear flat roof canopy, will appear shorter. Wearing a sun hat and wearing clothes, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses, even if they are wearing a satisfactory, but also make people look elegant. Women consider the outdoor hat, to consider the style and color must be and clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes and other support. Wearing glasses of women, do not wear a complex hat above the sun hat, sun hat should not cover the forehead, sun hat to be higher, so as to show their grace and temperament. In the case of

The third is the age factor. Young people can choose bright colors, innovative style of the outdoor hat, is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle age should highlight the generous, mature and calm age characteristics. In the case of

Tips: summer outdoor travel, physical consumption is relatively large. People's physical exertion and calorie distribution is proportional, and more than 60% of the heat distribution is distributed through the head, so the outdoor sun hat in the outdoor tourism activities in addition to the main function of the sun, there are to prevent the heat spread too fast, In the rest to prevent the cold cold, so standing an outdoor sun hat is a wise choice.