Suitable For Square Hat Wearing A Sun Hat

Manufacturers said that in the sun hat with, choose a suitable for their face sun hat is very important, choose a face with their own corresponding sun hat can add a lot for their own. We usually say that the sun hat is not suitable for their own wear actually refers to whether the sun hat is suitable for their own face.

Square face of the first person is not suitable for wearing a cap, because the cap of the whole cap body is smaller, how to face the face of people wearing it is very round face, how you contact is a relatively small face, then the tongue to you It may be more suitable for you.

The square face is suitable for wearing a hat like a fisherman hat or a larger hat, so that the sun hat can use his face does not look very square, so that the dome of the sun hat can help you reduce the top of the head of the square , Can achieve the effect of avoiding weaknesses.

Another side of the face of the people in the winter when you can choose a stylish Lei Feng hat, because Lei Feng hat the whole area is relatively large, how to just take into account the sun hat warm and fashion effect, winter choose a Lei Feng hat is a good select. In addition, some of the larger cap of the cap is also very suitable for the face of the people.