What Kind Of Cloth Is The Apron?

Recently someone asked me, "What kind of fabric is your apron?" "What kind of cloth is done?"

In fact, aprons have a lot of different kinds of fabric, different materials to do the apron in different places, have its unique benefits, the following is used to do promotional apron commonly used materials:


Polyester-cotton canvas - polyester and cotton yarn - uniforms - plain weave - cardan Wong-PVC-denim - non-woven -

【Printing method】

1. Screen printing: water slurry, mortar, flocking pulp; low cost, cost-effective;

2. Thermal transfer: the price is higher, can be printed complex gradient color, photos, etc .; colorful, suitable for local printing complex pictures;

3. Embroidery: a small amount can be produced, high grade; high prices, the quality is very good, durable.

Specifically suitable for use in what way printing, the need to weigh the use, to avoid the high cost caused by uneconomical. Of course, the gift factory has always been free for the customer layout design, which is our custom custom apron is a very cheap factor, users are welcome to consult custom advertising apron.